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At the moment, there is no drug for erectile dysfunction (ED) more popular
than . However, there is a medicine that takes an honorable second
place. This is Cialis, the main active substance of which is . It acts in
the same way as Viagra, but has some unique distinctive features. The cost
of the original drug is quite high, but men have the opportunity to purchase
generic which has the more favorable price. Why are generics cheaper than
original? This fact lies in their pricing which is not affected by the extra
charge for the brand. Still, generics quality is not inferior to the original
Generic Cialis 20 mg Effects
What are the main features of Cialis? This drug acts very long time – about
36 hours. This allows you to take the medicine in advance and anonymously,
as well as not plan for sex by the hour. This duration of action is excellent for
those who have a regular sex life. Tablets can be taken only 2-3 times a week,
which will lead to signicant money savings on ED treatment.
does not have such strict contradictions as Viagra. It is
suitable for men who are over 65 years of age, but in this case, the dosage
should be carefully selected together with a doctor. Also, Cialis can be
combined with a small amount of alcohol.
Generic Cialis 20mg
Generic works quickly enough, and helps to treat impotence both
physiological and psychological origin.
Buy Cialis 20mg Tadalal 200 Pills for Sale at CialisBit Online Pharmacy
If you already used this drug and it suits you well, it will be more protable to
buy Cialis 20 mg 200 pills pack at once. Such a large package is available at
wholesale price and will signicantly reduce the cost of each pill.
How Do Pills Work?

PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) inhibitors are overgrown with a lot of myth. One
of them is the ability to cause arousal and erection spontaneously. This is not
true, since tablets act only when there is a sexual arousal. This means that an
erection will not become a surprise and will arise exactly when necessary. For
men who do not experience any sexual arousal (even the weakest) for some
reason, there are bad news – Cialis will not help them.
What is the effect of the medicine? With the onset of sexual arousal in the
body of a man, the production of enzymes that cause an erection is
triggered. Cialis enhances the action of these enzymes and also inhibits the
production of the PDE5 substance. PDE5 are enzymes that prevent the
penis from the complete lling up with blood and becoming solid. Tadalal
relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis and strengthens the blood
circulation in the groin area. As a result, there comes a strong erection, which
after the onset of orgasm naturally disappears. Thus, Cialis strengthens only
natural processes and this explains the softness of its action.
Cialis 20mg Usage Tips
Buy Cialis 20mg Tadalal 200 Pills for Sale at CialisBit Online Pharmacy
In order that Cialis was efcient as possible, you need to know how to take it
properly. Firstly you need to choose the dosage. 20 milligrams is the
standard dosage, that is suitable for most men. Despite this, to start taking
the drug is better with . Elderly men and those who have kidney
diseases are also should reduce the dosage of medication.
5 mg
Cialis can be taken daily, but doctors recommend doing this only in extreme
cases. The best is to take one pill two or three times a week.
Pay attention that you cannot take Cialis if you suffer from severe cardiac,
vascular, renal and hepatic diseases. In this case, before buying tablets, you
should consult with your doctor.
About Side Effects

Due to the long period of excretion from the body, some men may
experience Cialis side effects. The most common of them are:
Buy Cialis 20mg Tadalal 200 Pills for Sale at CialisBit Online Pharmacy
reddening of face and neck skin;
skin rashes;
pain in the muscles, especially in the muscles of the back.
All these phenomena do not pose a threat to health and disappear after the
withdrawal of tablets. An exception is a priapism. It is a painful erection that
does not stop more than four hours. In this case, you need to immediately
seek medical help, since priapism is dangerous for health and even life.
In order to avoid the occurrence of side effects, you need to start taking
Cialis at the lowest dosage. If the medicine is well-tolerated, you can
gradually increase the dosage. Only after this, you should buy 200 tablets of
tadalal 20 mg.
Interaction with Food, Drinks and Medications
Cialis, as was already mentioned above, can be combined with alcohol. At the
same time, the amount of ethyl alcohol should be minimal (for example, one
bottle of beer), since it negatively affects the potency.
The drug can be taken before or after meals. If you choose the second
option, then remember that fatty foods can slow the absorption of the
medicine. Cialis cannot be used together with grapefruit and grapefruit
juice. This fruit neutralizes the effect of tadalal and slows its excretion from
the body.
Buy Cialis 20mg Tadalal 200 Pills for Sale at CialisBit Online Pharmacy

Also, Cialis cannot be combined with the following medicines:
products containing nitrates;
medicines which lower blood pressure;
alpha- and beta-blockers;
some antibiotics and antifungal agents;
all kinds of inhibitors;
drugs that are used in the treatment of chemotherapy.
If you are constantly taking any other medications, be sure to consult with a
doctor before taking Cialis.
Users’ Testimonials
Buy Cialis 20mg Tadalal 200 Pills for Sale at CialisBit Online Pharmacy
You want to buy the cheapest drug online, but you doubt in its quality? Do
not know what generics you can trust? Read the reviews of those men who
have already purchased Cialis 20 mg. The vast majority of them are positive
and almost all these men are content with their sex lives now. Generic Cialis
surely will help you if you have problems with erection.
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